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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What The Different between Mobile Phone And Ipad ?

iPad_times_42245aWell, then the iPad is launched, finally. The internet is full of reviews and opinions, so I will not replicate that. 

I am sure this device will satisfy some needs out there (I will get one, for sure! Me and my sofa have the need), but the main question concerning us there at Mobiletech is; Is this a mobile device that we should enable support for in our software- and service offering?

Tips To Fishing

The great majority of salt-water anglers go out during the daytime and rarely venture forth at night. But today more and more anglers are discovering that plenty of fish and good sport can also be had at night. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Use Digital Camera ?


And how to minimize the delay between your pressing the button and the camera actually taking the picture from the cheapest point-and-shoots to the most advanced professional SLRs, cameras usually are very good at getting the subject in focus automatically.

Cost of House

I am still grappling with this question (and honestly, the whole thing gives me a bit of anxiety) and have been searching and reading numerous articles, blogs, etc on the topic in hopes of coming to some conclusion and then being comfortable with whatever decision I make.